Chris Lewtas is a British photographer and filmmaker whose work offers reflection on identity and social communication. Chris challenges perception of the ‘self’ and employs personal moments that result in intimate scenes of the everyday. By combining production techniques loyal to film production Chris produces detailed images that invite contemplation.

Whilst studying Media Production as an undergraduate Chris abandoned script writing for photography. After moving to Manchester to pursue a career as a photographer, Chris began to reintroduce filmmaking techniques into his image making, attacking stereotypes and intertextualities seen in cinema.

‘Illness of Missed Opportunity’ (2020-) is a long form project exploring Social Anxiety from an autobiographical standpoint. Utilising staged image making, Chris places himself in front of the camera. Placed in a fantasy context he returns to events of trauma and fear. This setting creates a therapeutic approach to image making, valuing the experience of photography over the final image itself. Such a conceptual process brings non-standard forms of photographic dissemination and questions the current platforms of viewing photography.

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